Toronto spring at last!


Spring arrived in Toronto arrived late this year, but at last by May 8 the garden is ablaze with color - magnolias, narcissus, bluebells, bleeding heart, helibores.  In March, while there was still snow on my Toronto garden, Vancouver took me for a walk in the Botanical Garden where cherry blossoms were opening.  In April New York was celebrating spring in Central Park where pink Magnolia blossoms were opening.  At the beginning of May, when a cold rain was falling a friend in London emailed that she was planting roses in her garden.  It was very hard not to feel quite envious.  However, I'm sure that Toronto's long winter only increases the joy of seeing flowers when they finally arrive.  I have huge respect for peony blossoms, which know exactly when to open.  Every year, for as long as I can remember, they have always opened by June 11.  And the trees always know when to open their leaves - by May 11.



The End of Winter?


With two feet of snow covering the garden, and the coldest winter in years, and more snow likely to fall next week, it's hard to believe that spring is around the corner.  Nevertheless, peeking out from the snow's edge near my sidewalk, at the perennial border, are a few tiny green sprouts where purple, white and yellow crocus flowers will arrive.  I can hardly wait!  Last weekend, flower colour deprivation drove me to my neighbourhood florist where I bought a bunch of red roses. This little venture reminded of Claude Monet who was often heard saying, "I must, must have flowers."  In his world, and in mine, colourful flowers are neither a luxury nor a nicety.  They are a necessity.  Especially when it seems winter will never end.